During my stay in Aus a few years ago, I fell in love with the graffiti that was splashed across Bondi Beach. It was bright, fun and beautiful and really captured the essence of the beach community. I came across this canvas print at my local Home Sense and it instantly brought me back to the beach, despite the fact that is has a Parisian theme to it. IMG_4428Can’t wait to hang it over my couch in my new place.

Also pictured in this photo, my grandparents antique dresser that was given to me. I striped, sanded, and stained this piece and a man’s dresses one long weekend. The hardware that I ordered from Anthropolgie made the piece and it felt great to give a sentimental piece of furniture new life.



Imelda the fox


Over 120 shoes have randmoly been stolen from the small German town of Fohern

In a small German town, residents shoes have mysteriously gone missing  and after nearly a year, the sly shoe thief  has been caught. A femal fox, dubbed “Imelda” due to her large shoe collection, has been found with a den full of the missing shoes! It is beleived that she was collecting the shoes to provide chew toys to her young.

A fox after my own heart….

my Chloé



A few of my fave fashion forward females for a variety of reasons!






 erin Lucas








1. Audrey Hepburn: Her style is timeless, effortless and absolutely chic!

2. Drew Barrymore: She has a fun, quirky style and a closet I would LOVE to raid!

3. Nicole Richie: She has the bohemian look down and she has so much fun with colour. Her style is the one I try to emulate.

4. Erin Lucas: Although she is a new face on MTV”s reality show The City, this girl has mad every day style and a killer personality to match!

Props to Gennifer Goodwin and the stylist on this photo shoot for W magazine-June issue. She looks fierce and is totally endearing in the interview; reasons why she is worthy of a hetero girl crush!  I always love her style on the red carpet and look forward to seeing her in more movies. Check out a few pics below and make sure to pick up the latest issue of W on news stands!

ginnifer-goodwin-w-magazine-june-2009    ginnifer-goodwin-w-magazine-june-2009-04



There is really nothing more to say about this than WTF?!?!article_donatella  Janice-MuppetsTV

   I sometimes play with the idea of getting fillers done on my lips, but then I come across stuff like this and remember that not looking like a muppet is OK!

I am planning on getting a dog and have been doing plenty of research before I make such a large commitment, of course part of my research includes potential pet shopping…lol. Here are a few key items I found on Etsy. I also found something for my cat Cooper!




I am a Starbucks addict, so I love the concept of this dog house.

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                   Custom Collar



When I finally do get my pug, I want to name her Lola!                                                                       

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                                                                                The fish ate the cat!

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