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The cool autumn breeze is sweeping through the region and has made me get back into my book routine. I am really excited about my three purcahses that have garnered plenty of buzz. Maybe I will get motivated and do a book review…. Worst Date Ever by Jane Bussman Boldface Names by Shinan Govani […]

Imelda the fox


Over 120 shoes have randmoly been stolen from the small German town of Fohern In a small German town, residents shoes have mysteriously gone missing  and after nearly a year, the sly shoe thief  has been caught. A femal fox, dubbed “Imelda” due to her large shoe collection, has been found with a den full of the missing […]



There is really nothing more to say about this than WTF?!?!     I sometimes play with the idea of getting fillers done on my lips, but then I come across stuff like this and remember that not looking like a muppet is OK!

    April-Celebrating 28 years of fabulousness I would like to use this platform to send out a Happy Birthday to a girl that introduced me to expensive make-up, Starbucks Pike Place, blogging and most importantly carpooling with the awesomeness that is Jenn.  She is the co-worker that has the unique ability to keep me in stitches all […]

 Two amazing shows collide tonight in this week’s Family Guy episode. Apparently L.C hooks up with Bryan( the family dog) Check it out on FOX!

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