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A few of my fave fashion forward females for a variety of reasons!                          1. Audrey Hepburn: Her style is timeless, effortless and absolutely chic! 2. Drew Barrymore: She has a fun, quirky style and a closet I would LOVE to raid! 3. Nicole Richie: […]

From a casual walk to a movie premiere, all these ladies put a unique spin on the garments they chose. From left to right: Miranda Kerr( who incidentally used to date Jay from the City) running errands, Gwen performing with No Doubt and keeping it old school and lastly Drew Barrymore, from her Grey Gardens […]

The City: Mingling with the commoners Season 1, Episode 8 This week’s episode centered largely on the Devil that wears DVF, also know as Olivia Plamero, the rude and condescending Social that is trying to get Whitney to sell her soul to the Upper East Side. But before I get ahead of myself, let’s start […]

  The City Good things come in three’s Season 1, episode 4   Okay, so we are now on episode four of MTV’s latest attempt to attract the ever elusive and coveted demographic of late teens and early twenty-something year-old girls…evidently we have a lot of purchasing power or maybe we just like purchasing??? Either […]