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or have pets, or get nail polish everywhere or eat on my sofa…etc.I would want this EXACT room!!!! Me LOVES it!!! Advertisements

Etsy finds!


So a co-worker introduced me to the wonders of Etsy and I was able to find some great things to help with decorating my Studio apartment including some funky Joel Newberry  fabric and iron-on decals. I plan on using this Jole Newberry fabric to reupholster my grandmother’s old slipper chair and to add some pop […]

During my stay in Aus a few years ago, I fell in love with the graffiti that was splashed across Bondi Beach. It was bright, fun and beautiful and really captured the essence of the beach community. I came across this canvas print at my local Home Sense and it instantly brought me back to the beach, […]

I am planning on getting a dog and have been doing plenty of research before I make such a large commitment, of course part of my research includes potential pet shopping…lol. Here are a few key items I found on Etsy. I also found something for my cat Cooper!                    Starbarks           I am a Starbucks […]

       I just love this house! It is charming, fresh and is chalked full of character.     This ALMOST makes me want to live in the country…almost!       

                                                                                                          Love, Love , Love […]

I have a huge obsession with Urban Outfitters and I love everything they carry. I always try to make an effort to pick up some key pieces for  my home or wardrobe whenever I am in MTL.  During my most  recent trip I picked up the cutest lamp featuring birdies.                   […]