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On an early September morning, while  doing my daily media scan for work, I happened to stumble upon a story on about several women in the U.S giving up buying clothes for ONE ENTIRE YEAR!!!! Naturally, this intrigued me and I thought this would be an EXCITING challenge. Well, I am one week into […]

Imelda the fox


Over 120 shoes have randmoly been stolen from the small German town of Fohern In a small German town, residents shoes have mysteriously gone missing  and after nearly a year, the sly shoe thief  has been caught. A femal fox, dubbed “Imelda” due to her large shoe collection, has been found with a den full of the missing […]

A few of my fave fashion forward females for a variety of reasons!                          1. Audrey Hepburn: Her style is timeless, effortless and absolutely chic! 2. Drew Barrymore: She has a fun, quirky style and a closet I would LOVE to raid! 3. Nicole Richie: […]

Props to Gennifer Goodwin and the stylist on this photo shoot for W magazine-June issue. She looks fierce and is totally endearing in the interview; reasons why she is worthy of a hetero girl crush!  I always love her style on the red carpet and look forward to seeing her in more movies. Check out […]



There is really nothing more to say about this than WTF?!?!     I sometimes play with the idea of getting fillers done on my lips, but then I come across stuff like this and remember that not looking like a muppet is OK!

I am starting to pack for my long-awaited trip to CUBA for my friend Katie’s wedding. I have realized that there a a few essential items that are a must on any beach vacation-whether you are spending the weekend at the cottage or yachting in St. Tropez. Here is this months Hump Hi5…. 1. Golden […]

From a casual walk to a movie premiere, all these ladies put a unique spin on the garments they chose. From left to right: Miranda Kerr( who incidentally used to date Jay from the City) running errands, Gwen performing with No Doubt and keeping it old school and lastly Drew Barrymore, from her Grey Gardens […]