Bryan Greenberg


He has freckles…

Bryan+Greenberg+hottie15Name: Bryan Greenberg

Age: 31

Birthday: May 24, 1978 Omaha, Nebraska

You may recognize Bryan from T.V. shows like One Tree Hill( which I had no clue about because I have never seen that show) and the short lived October Road( where I first took notice of him) along with movies like Prime and Bride Wars. What you may not know is that he is also a very talented musician, which only adds to the cuteness. Check out his Myspace page for some great songs and very engaging performances.


One Response to “Bryan Greenberg”

  1. check Bryan out in his new HBO comedy seies “How to Make It in America.” the show premiers February 14, Sunday night in HBO’s prime spot at 10pm… not so sure about the freckles.

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