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During my stay in Aus a few years ago, I fell in love with the graffiti that was splashed across Bondi Beach. It was bright, fun and beautiful and really captured the essence of the beach community. I came across this canvas print at my local Home Sense and it instantly brought me back to the beach, […]

Imelda the fox


Over 120 shoes have randmoly been stolen from the small German town of Fohern In a small German town, residents shoes have mysteriously gone missing  and after nearly a year, the sly shoe thief  has been caught. A femal fox, dubbed “Imelda” due to her large shoe collection, has been found with a den full of the missing […]

my Chloé


A few of my fave fashion forward females for a variety of reasons!                          1. Audrey Hepburn: Her style is timeless, effortless and absolutely chic! 2. Drew Barrymore: She has a fun, quirky style and a closet I would LOVE to raid! 3. Nicole Richie: […]