My dog Chloe!

 So it has been nearly a year since I got Chloé. Although she isn’t the pure breed dog I always envisioned myself having, she is perfect for me!  She recently graduated puppy kindergarten but we are still actively working on the no-jumping.

 I strongly recommend people to have a pet in their life, even if it is a goldfish, they just brighten up your day!


Bryan Greenberg


He has freckles…

Bryan+Greenberg+hottie15Name: Bryan Greenberg

Age: 31

Birthday: May 24, 1978 Omaha, Nebraska

You may recognize Bryan from T.V. shows like One Tree Hill( which I had no clue about because I have never seen that show) and the short lived October Road( where I first took notice of him) along with movies like Prime and Bride Wars. What you may not know is that he is also a very talented musician, which only adds to the cuteness. Check out his Myspace page for some great songs and very engaging performances.

or have pets, or get nail polish everywhere or eat on my sofa…etc.I would want this EXACT room!!!!

Me LOVES it!!!


Knitting 101


knit_scarf_2__54815I am keeping it old school and have decided to take up knitting this fall. I have singed up for the knitting 101 classes offered by the very hip Wabi Sabi in downtown Ottawa. In this class I will be learning the basics and eventually make a scarf!

51wZpCWkxLL__SL500_AA240_The cool autumn breeze is sweeping through the region and has made me get back into my book routine. I am really excited about my three purcahses that have garnered plenty of buzz. Maybe I will get motivated and do a book review….

Worst Date Ever by Jane Bussman

Boldface Names by Shinan Govani

I Was Told There’d Be Cake by Sloane Crosley

the-great-american-apparel-diet-coathangerOn an early September morning, while  doing my daily media scan for work, I happened to stumble upon a story on about several women in the U.S giving up buying clothes for ONE ENTIRE YEAR!!!! Naturally, this intrigued me and I thought this would be an EXCITING challenge. Well, I am one week into it and surprisingly am doing OK! lol

Since starting in the environmental sector two years ago and getting informed about the real impacts of our fast paced consumerism combined with viewing The Story of Stuff  I realize something has to give. I hope that I can go one full year without the breaking the rules.  Maybe it will  save some money and keep me motivated to get back in shape and fit into some long lost items that are tucked away in my closet.

                                                                                                     As vapid as it may sound, this may be one of the hardest challenges I will try to do.

                                                                                                    Check out The Great American Apparel Diet today!

Etsy finds!


So a co-worker introduced me to the wonders of Etsy and I was able to find some great things to help with decorating my Studio apartment including some funky Joel Newberry  fabric and iron-on decals.

I plan on using this Jole Newberry fabric to reupholster my grandmother’s old slipper chair and to add some pop in my grey/white/aqua/black apartment scheme.  I will make sure to post before and after pics of the vintage slipper chair.

pink fabric